August 11th Update…PLEASE READ

UPDATE: The 8/11 Para-Pups has switched locations from Carlton Reserve to Pinebrook Park in Venice (1251 Pinebrook Way, Venice, FL 34285) – the reason for this switch is due to the closing of Carlton Reserve due to flooding. Our second choice was Jelks Preserve, the same location where we did our rope bridging a few months back, but, after walking it with my kids today, needless to say, we came home soaking wet. So, we will make to switch to Pinebrook park, where we can connect on our walk to the Curry Preserve which is located near by. Same times apply and for more information, please see the updated information on the website parapups,org . Blessings….

Also, please visit the website and be sure to hit the follow button, which is located at the bottom of the main page, so you can receive updates to your inbox.

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