On Sept 8th, we will be doing the ALL AMERICAN ROAD MARCH to remember those fallen on 9-11-01, and, to remember and thank those who have risked, served and given their lives in the Global War on Terror. We will begin the march at Centennial Park on the Venice Island, and we will proceed 2.9 miles to Venice Community Church, located at 1600 Banyan Drive, in Venice. When we arrive. we will be greeted to games, food, fun, music and either a giant 20 foot water slide, or, if we can manage it, a rock climbing wall. In either case, this should prove to be a wonderful time for the students, and an excellent learning example for them as well, as we will be teaching service to country, all in the name of Christ and in the Christian world and life view. Added to the fun, all students who preregister for the event will receive a Camelback hydration backpack system, and, if you RSVP to this event quickly, you will be able to receive it at the 8/11 Para-Pups meeting. So, please RSVP to for the 9/8/18 Para-Pups ASAP, to secure your slot and also your child’s Camelback Hydration system.



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