Road March Thank You

Blessings to all. I can’t even begin to express the blessings that were bestowed on me and my family today due to first to the Lord and His graciousness, and also, do to you and your participation in today’s event. In short, today’s event was a great success and quite simply, a ball for it seems, all who attended. To the parents, thank you for trusting us with your children each month and I pray that they are both having fun and learning about service to God (which must always remain first) and service to country. And to the children, JOB WELL DONE! Mike, the man that was running the climbing wall today said that he had never seen a group of kinds attack the climb like ours did today…AMEN. Please know that our Lord along with YOU made this possible and successful today, and even though I have thanked some of you both in person or by text, I likewise wanted to thank you as a group as well.

Our next date for Para-Pups will be October 13th at Pinebrook Park, where will will have a team battle of capture the flag (Team Krause v. Team Dolby…kids, start picking your side:-). This should likewise prove to be a hoot for the children, and parents, if you’re able, please stick around, as we can always use the help. As always, please RSVP for this event and for all the information, please visit our site at (and please, hit the “follow” button at the bottom of the main page to get all the updates). Also, if you will be available to help that day, please let me know and in addition, I will be sending out an order for another batch of shirts soon, so, if you’re interested, please let me know the size and quantity (each shirt is $13.00, or, for cost).

Again, blessings and thank you from me and my family and I pray the Lord blessed you today as He did us.

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