August Para-Pups

Blessings to all. On August 11th, we will have our next Para-Pups meet-up at the Carlton Reserve, in Venice, FL. During this event, the troops will learn how to navigate in the woods utilizing a hand-held GPS, where they will form up in teams and navigate to predetermined points in the woods to find their various check-points. We will likewise be giving a class in Cover and Concealment, which will teach the student how to blend in with their surroundings. This should once again prove to be a fun filled event with very practical teachings, as we will be instructing the students how to stay found in the woods, and not lost. Sign-up sheets can be found at the bottom of the HOME page, and how to receive your RSVP soon.

PARA-PUPS 2018 Calendar

  • July 21st – Rappelling and Ascending at Auburn Road Presbyterian Church
  • August 11th – Land Navigation and Cover and Concealment at Carlton Reserve
  • September 8th – The All American Road March to Remember Those Fallen on 9/11/01 and the men and women who have sacrificed their lives in the Global War on Terror (start point is at the Centennial Park Gazebo at 9AM, downtown Venice)
  • October 13th – Jelks Preserve (The Para-Pups team challenge)
  • November 17th – Event TBD
  • December 16-17th – The Para-Pups Field Training Exercise (FTX) at Auburn Road Presbyterian Church

Rappelling Camp Next Week

Blessings to all,

Just a reminder that our rappelling camp begins on Monday, and will run from the 9th through the 12th. For those of you that plan on having your children attend, please remember to have your child dressed in pants and have them bring their bike helmet. Also, for the girls attending, please have hair ties for them for safety reasons. Also remember, this camp has a fee to cover expenses for lunch and new equipment, and with this in mind, if you are paying by check, please make them out to Jeff Krause, as I’m not going to use the church budget to finance the camp. Also, as stated on the entry form, no child will be turned away from attending, so, if the camp fee is an issue, please contact me.

Finally, there’s a few slots remaining, so for those of you who would like to have your child attend, please contact me ASAP.
Daily Events:
Monday: Rappelling Basics
Tuesday: Extended Rappelling
Wednesday: Australian Rappelling
Thursday: Ascension and Descending 



July 9-12 at Auburn Road Presbyterian Church (642 North Auburn Road, Venice, FL. 34292): 9:00 A.M. – 1:00 P.M.

COST: $40.00 per child to help pay for food costs.

PLEASE NOTE: if the course payment is an issue for any family, we are willing to remove this burden. In short, no child will be denied access to the course for financial purposes, so please let me know and do not see the course cost as a roadblock to attendance.  

Please Note: a backpack with the following items packed will be needed: (1) bicycle helmet, (2) leather gloves, (3) water bottle.


For more information please visit or, contact Jeff at

Sign-up is limited to the first twenty children, so act fast.

To register, please email the above address with the name and age of your child(ren). REGISTRATION FORMS CAN BE FILLED OUT ON THE FIRST DAY OF THE EVENT OR EMAILED TO

Para Pups Rappelling Camp Registration Form


July 21st Para-Pups

Blessings and thank you to all that attended today’s (6/16/18) event: it was a blast. Our next event will be held on July 21st and the location will be Auburn Road Presbyterian Church. The events will be Rappelling and Ascension, and should likewise prove to be a ton of fun. For more information or to register, please click here, and remember, we’re going to have a ton of kids coming back from vacations and trips with the family, so, I would suggest that you give me an email notification of intent to attend very early, as we are sure to hit the 20 person capacity quite quickly.

June 16th Para-Pups

On June 16th, the students will be putting what they have learned so far this year to the test, as there will be a five station course set-up consisting of Rappel, Ascension, the One Rope Bridge, the Three Rope Bridge and Land Navigation. The student will be breaking up into small groups, whereby they will have to operate as a team to set-up each station under timed conditions.  

For more information, please click here and to register your child for this event, please download the form located HERE and email it to